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Tons of new Tekken Tag 2 info in latest Famitsu

Thanks to SDTekken for pointing us to the scanned images from the latest issue of Famitsu! Some verrry interesting stuff here.  I can’t read Japanese, but apparently the masked female wrestler from the trailer is named “Jaycee” (aka J.C. aka Julia Chang (good call MarkMan)). Also included:

1) Jinpachi is back!?
2) Additional insight on Tag Throws
3) Yoshimitsu character design

I’ve cleaned the images up a bit for your viewing pleasure. Click the images to view them in full screen. Image breakdown after the jump

1. Jinpachi is back! Whether he is playable or a boss remains to be seen, but I’d guess it’s gotta be playable, especially since he’s not evil-get-in-mah-bellay-that-shoots-fiya Jinpachi

2. Additional Insight on Tag Throws
So in the screenshot here, we see the tag throw that was shown at MLG Dallas with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix.  In the original trailer, Paul was the current character, grabbed the opponent, “tagged in Law,” and Law came in with the legend kick. Going by the original Tekken Tag Tournament, my guess was that this was a “Special Tag Team Throw” (one only possible when you have specific characters on the same team).

In the original Tekken Tag, only certain character teams had special tag team throws while other characters had a generic tag throw animation->incoming character attack. In this screen shot we see Jin holding the opponent as Law comes in with the legend kick. This leads me to the following:

1) Basic Tag Throws now show cooperation between both characters. The original teammate who was in battle will now have throw animations based on their incoming teammate (Unless the new generic thing is this hold/suplex instead of the old over the shoulder slam)
2) Special Tag Team Throws look to still be in the game as well though as seen by the last trailer with Hwoarang/Baek.

3. Yoshimitsu’s new outfit
How come Yoshimitsu is the only character that really gets the extreme character makeover every game?! I’m jealous for Law (even though I’m hoping that screenshot is the animation from his 1+3 grab, not from his DSS 1). Looks like he’s still got his fiery pinwheel of death (though it remains to be seen if its fiery). Design looks pretty awesome though






6 responses to “Tons of new Tekken Tag 2 info in latest Famitsu”

  1. That tag throw Law is doing..will probably be his 2+5.

    Remember back in TTT1, how after 2+5….. the move after the initial over the shoulder throw is dependent to the 2nd char??


  2. Rip

    Hmm, I guess I didn’t explain myself well. Going by that original notation, the throw with Law & Paul that we originally saw would have been referred to as a “Special Tag Team Throw” since you see both characters cooperating on the throw. My original guess was that it was a “Special Tag Team Throw” since they showed it with Law and Paul. However, now that we see Law doing this with Jin it appears that this cooperation of both characters on a throw is now part of the “Basic Tag Throw”

    I hope they keep team specific “Special Tag Team Throws” as well. Where we can see cooperation between the characters, specific to only certain teams of characters

    Updated original post to reflect this

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  4. You’re right..
    I thought Law could do the flying kick throw thing…when he was with Paul..
    But it seems to be just a basic tag throw…like you said..

    and I agree Special Tag Team Throws are likely to return..

    The other tag throw that puzzles me….after reading the article at Andriansang, is Lili & Xiaoyu’s tag throw…and Asuka & Jin’s one from the 1st trailer… They look like 2 normal throws combined
    Is that another type of tag throw?? :O

  5. MagusFyre

    Damn, why does Law look so young in those pics?

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