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TRUE OGRE and JUN confirmed for TTT2!

TONS of new information on TTT2 released from the AOU trailer tonight! Check it out below, 4 minutes of awesomeness. I’ll put the spoilers after the jump, so click through to read my analysis!

1. True Ogre confirmed!
2. Jun confirmed!
3. Kuma has a move similar to Heihachi’s uf+4,3 except its hilarious
4. Card system lets you store all characters on one card
5. Possible compatibility between Japan and International systems for Tekken-Net? This would be awesome!
6. Both Eddy and Christie are in the game. It remains to be seen if they are just palette swaps or separate characters still (because dual capo would be so lame!)






7 responses to “TRUE OGRE and JUN confirmed for TTT2!”

  1. TalonFyre


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  3. DrBhup


    I love that item thing… the hair as a hammer on Kasuya and the big hammer of Asuka.

    What was Kuma doing? Counting down to 3 like in wrestling??

    This seems like much more fun game!

    Great graphics!!

  4. Just where is the facebook like link ?

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  6. Rgag

    From the looks of some gameplay videos is shows that Eddie and Christie are separate characters.
    I am simply ecstatic that Jun is making a return. 🙂

    1. Rip

      Rumor is that this is just because its still a work in progress. Kuma and Panda are also separate characters in this build and the character art is from Tekken 6 so everything is subject to change.