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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gameplay Analysis

Aris from avoidingthepuddle posted up a bunch of vids, so be sure to go there and check it out for more vids. I didn’t see this one though, so I wanted to post it here and talk about a couple of things about it

The game is still in development of course, so things may change, however here’s what I’ve noticed:
1. Netsu (mini rage for tag partner when point character is getting beat on) still occurs, and you notice it with a flashing yellow bar on your partner (which stays flashing yellow when they come in.
2. Regular rage from T6 is still in and activates around 10% again. Lifebar flashes red instead of yellow.
3. TAG ASSAULT aka Tag B! (where your tag partner comes in as you do a B! move) causes a slowdown/shockwave effect which a lot of people are complaining about right now. I personally hope it is not final. My guess is that they are making the combos easier for new players, however I feel that it is too slow right now and affects the flow of the match too much. Regular B! without a tag partner does not cause this effect.
4. Tag combos DO NOT REDUCE red life. Very interesting change.
5. At 3:28 Bob’s uf+1+2,1+2 looks to NOT be hit confirmable anymore. Tiny (if ANY) delay and the second hit did not connect.
6. Jinpachi has most of his moves still and does NOT play like Devil as some were suspecting. I’m curious to know if his electric is still just df+2
7. Jaycee seems to have Julia’s moveset with a bunch of new moves.
8. Triple KO at end of round returns
9. The belly-to-back suplex with tag-in partner legend kick is NOT specific to Law/Paul, its generic across all characters apparently.






13 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gameplay Analysis”

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  2. TTT2

    (3. TAG ASSAULT) I agree 100% That is just wrong. I hope they don’t make this game noob friendly. Noobs wanna get good at this game without any effort. Take a look at soul calibur 4. Please learn from that epic fail.

  3. Masoud Shofahi

    I also agree 100% about (3. TAG ASSAULT)! It is really slow! I hope they change that 🙂

  4. Yassir

    10.u didn’t mention the new hit reaction which looks like it’s bound but the character fly in the ear again!

  5. Thats what always made tekken so great in the past is the real good stuffs real hard to do….I dont care how fast/hard the imput for tag assault combos are….rather have them almost impossible and almost no one can do them…instead of this slowdown and I think its a stupid animation…..just have them tag and go to work like the trailer not some ki charge wave thing how does that make sense…….sorry to ramble….

  6. Schematic

    Lol Jaycee has Julia’s moveset and new moves. JAYCEE IS!!!! julia chang.Why can’t people just accept it already.

  7. Very good knowledge! I have been seeking for some thing such as this for a time today. Thank you!

  8. Tool God

    I believe that tagging in during a juggle still reduces the red health. The combo on the last video in SDtekken proves it. Kazuya does EWGF, tags in Heihachi and does his juggle and Brian’s health only has a tiny bit of red health afterwards. If no tag was involved, I believe the red health would have been larger. Too bad the camera wasn’t showing the whole screen during this process.

    I think it’s only during bound tag combos when red health isn’t affected.

    1. Tool God

      Disregard that, I didn’t watch all the videos earlier. LOL

      1. Tool God

        Okay, after watching all of the videos, I conclude that my original assertion is correct. Red life gets reduced more during a regular tag combo as opposed to a bound tag combo. I was looking for red life chunks to flash and be taken off during each hit like they did in the first TTT, but this game doesn’t show it that way. They just disappear.

        I can’t wait until I get my hands on this game. I’ll be a kid again.

  9. Highlander

    Actually it’s just the tag assualt that does more red life damage(recoverable hp), if you do the old school ttt combo, launch, tag, combo you get do the unrecoverable hp damage.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLRR-G73rc&feature=player_embedded skip to 1:18

    1. Highlander

      lol looks like its been posted, sorry 🙁

  10. JD

    LEI & JUN
    LAW & JUN