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Level Up Your Game – Marvel vs Capcom 3

We gonna take you for a ride! I was fortunate enough to have two Marvel vs Capcom 2 legend’s, Clockw0rk and Mike Ross to help me break down the basics of MvC3! This is a must watch for anyone looking to pick up the game or new to the MvC series. Other resources like the SRK wiki will tell you the basics of the game and give you the data behind each character, but I think our approach will help you actually help you learn to play the game and understand the strategy behind it.

Having Clockw0rk and Mike Ross break apart the basics of this game usually led to more intermediate/advanced strategy discussion with reference back to MvC2 as well, so theres tons of information for everyone of all skill levels. Blocking, assists, float/fly/superjump, throw system, DHCs, OTGs, triangle jumps, wavedashes, team synergy, alpha counters (Cross over counters), x-factor etc etc, you name it, and we probably covered it. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this episode together and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

LET US KNOW if you want more MvC3 coverage. Shortcut links to specific sections after the jump





Triangle Jumping


Meter Management


Team Hyper Combo

Throw System

Basic Combos

Tag Aerial Combo


Team Synergy

Tagging Out Safely

Alpha Counter aka Cross Over Counter



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  2. DrBhup


    Great initiative! All the hype got to me and I picked that game up, but didn’t understand much becuase I’ve never played MvC2 or Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

    For me right now MvC3 is a mess. I’ll watch this and hope to understand the basics and the fundamentals more. Then I’ll comment again. Keep up the good work!

  3. DrBhup

    Ok, now I have finally watched all of it and this is gold, Jerry!! Great work from all of you guys!

    Very good information! Of course I have to watch some segments over againg, because you covered alot! Still, some parts were a bit too deep and advanced for total n00bs, which I am, but I’ll appreciate that more when I have played the game for a couple of weeks.

    The game is superchaotic and superdeep, but it is fun! Thanks a lot for this walkthrough!

  4. Slam

    This is an awesome video and a great introductory peek into pro-level gaming. I’ve been playing this for the past weekend and am still getting used to the game. I’ve always sucked at fighting video games, but I always buy them anyways…

    This video will definitely inspire me to keep at it and hopefully get better at it.

    Great work!

  5. Lestat-Valentine

    Please produce more stuff like this for MvC3. Very Helpful!

  6. kornstar

    love that you’re branching out to other games! also like the specific video segments.

  7. DrBhup

    Hey man, some of your info is wrong. Not the actual info, but what you are calling it.

    According to the manual (yeah, I know..) what you called a Team Hyper Combo is actually called “Crossover combination”. That is when you simultaneously execute a Hyper Combo with all three characters or all the characters you have left.

    Team Hyper Combo is when you summon an off-screen partner while doing your Hyper Combo and you tag out and they rush in and do theirs and this you can repeat for all three characters.

    Isn’t not important what you call it, but it is best to have the correct terminology.

    1. elwarro

      You dumb

  8. Mad Man

    I should have watched this video before going to LAN haha

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  11. trying to find you on facebook, wats your profile

  12. Shannon

    I would love to see another episode for MVC3. I really enjoyed this, you guys have done extremely well

  13. XIAO


  14. Arslan

    Its huge………………………………..AWESOME. You guys specially RIP is like a Game Guider from the GOD.

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