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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Balance Patch Released

Surprise! Capcom has released a balance patch for Marvel vs Capcom 3. There seems to be a lot of hate going on about this patch as it is a change to the way things have been done in the past. As we all know, people don’t like change. Personally, I am neither for or against this patch, but I am VERY interested to see how it plays out. MvC3 was controversial in its ‘balancing’ as every character was so powerful. Now that they want to start scaling that back, how far will they go? Will they take a page out of Blizzard’s book and continue patching the game for the rest of its life? Only time will tell.

While there is no official announcement on the changes included in this patch the big changes people have noted so far are as follows
– Sentinel Health reduced from 1,300,000 (formerly the highest in the game) to 905,000
– Hitstun deterioration on Akuma’s air tatsu has been modified so his infinite is no longer applicable
– Haggar/Spencer glitch has been fixed* (still works on VJoe and Arthur)
– Spencer corner loop removed.

Check out Desk’s latest video for evidence of these changes:






One response to “Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Balance Patch Released”

  1. I’m kinda disappointed with the patch, since I was hoping they’d keep the game as it was and let people adapt with everything thing that’s considered broken in the game. Including the infinites.

    Another reason I feel disappointed, is because I wanted the game to be different than SFIV and T6. When I first played & learned MvC3, I thought wow instead making a balanced game….they made a ‘broken’ yet fun game. Similiar to TTT, and fighting games from the 90’s. And that’s what appealing to me at first.

    But I don’t know though maybe this patch, and the future update(if there were one) is what will keep the game being played in the future by heaps of people. Not just tournament players. Because those players they will adapt to ‘cheapness’, they’re not soft. But scrubs are different, so Capcom prolly wants them to be happy as well, and thinks that patching MvC3 is one way to keep them playing this game offline & online. Capcom wants to keep the player base big.