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Devil Returns! …with PANTS!

Harada has just tweeted a new video of the work in progress version of Kazuya’s transformation to Devil and back. While they’ve changed Kazuya to LOOK like OG devil again, they’re making him keep the pants on! Devil with pants looks so weird haha. Harada has a note with the video basically saying that pants need to stay on otherwise when he transforms back the pants will just magically reappear. Sounds like a tough problem, but man lets face it, he just turned into a DEVIL.. where did his horns/wings come from/go to… his pants can do the same! Click here for the video






3 responses to “Devil Returns! …with PANTS!”

  1. chemicalRed

    He transformed on Tag 1 and magically got pants and everyone was okay with it then. Even though it was technically more of a tag animation then because they were separate characters. But people still took it as a transformation since story wise they’re the same entity.. I think Devil should just be a seperate character.

  2. boff

    It’s just one possible solution that we’d both be satisfied with: take the pants off Kazuya.

  3. genki

    devil jin has pants on, so why only complain about devil kazuya in pants? it’s not fair!

    unless you guys wanna see his hairy blue dick and ass. j/k