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Fight For Relief – Donate to Japan!

The fighting game community in California has pooled their resources and are hosting a donation drive to help Japan out. Be sure to check out their website here and DEFINITELY go DONATE here. Whether its a dollar or ten thousand dollars, every little bit helps! After donating, forward your email receipt to fightforrelief@gmail.com to be entered in their offline raffle to win prizes (including fight sticks!) The majority of fighting games that we all love to play come out of Japan, so this is our opportunity to give a little something back. Check out the live stream of the event below:


3 responses to “Fight For Relief – Donate to Japan!”

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  2. kornstar

    does anyone know the total amount raised?

    1. Rip

      I think it was almost $31,000 total – GlobalGiving has a little article about this plus other events here