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SICK new Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer and Info!

Check out Capcom Unity’s blog for a bunch of new information on Street Fighter x Tekken! Also read PLAY’s system breakdown including how the controls work in the game.

BUT OMG this new GAMEPLAY trailer is sick! Tag gameplay looks in for sure and EX moves are definitely in as well. Awesome to see more Tekken characters in their new 2D interpretations! AND THE NEW CINEMATIC trailer is AWESOME as well! Check it out after the jump!

More info after the jump!

Street Fighter – Ryu,Ken,Guile,Abel,ChunLi
Tekken – Kazuya,Nina,Marduk,King,Bob!!!

So sick to see Bob, now I hope Rufus is there too so Street Fighter players can argue that Rufus came first and be wrong again.

Also, new cinematic trailer as well!






5 responses to “SICK new Street Fighter x Tekken Trailer and Info!”

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  2. AAK

    This is genius. They really are trying to cater to the Tekken demographic. Good job Capcom!

    I just think that Marduk’s and King’s animations could use more weight and impact to them. King’s RPB and Marduk’s wall tackle lack the emphatic and visceral pounding sensation compared to the other SF characters.

    But the cinematic trailer was phenomenal. They really know how to generate hype!

    1. Rip

      100% agree, especially with Marduk’s wall tackle. The trailer does say its a Work In Progress though so I expect it isn’t finalized since that isn’t Capcom’s style.


    No one can stop King and Craig Marduk. No one!!!!!!!!

  4. kratos

    i was watching this in a cafe and didnt realize i was giggling like a schoolgirl until i saw everyone looking at me like i was insane.