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New Jun footage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2!

Harada’s back on his facebook posting more AWESOME videos from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This time he gives us over 3 minutes of Jun in game. Looks like they’ve added a lot to the character. We also get a look at more tag combos, wall break, and wall tags. I’ll leave the spoilers for after the jump, but check out the vid here. He also put up a vid of Anna’s new face, which imo is a good improvement!

Interesting things from the video
1. Looks like Jun has a hellsweep type move with a followup similar to Kazuya – 2 mins 11
2. Slow-motion B! tag combos are still in. Looks like they’ve sped it up a tad though. I’d like to see it sped up a little more.
3. Something I may have overlooked before, but at 2 mins 17, we see Armor King go into Rage although his teammate still has nearly full health. This seems a little crazy to me, that you may be able to “save your rage” and tag that character in later to finish combos w/ rage damage? Thats different than the Tekken 6 rage system where it was just a comeback factor. Now it will be a bigger deal to leave your opponent OUT of rage if your combo isn’t going to kill them.
4. 2 min 32 – Hopkick seems to work the same! Some people will love it, some will have it! Work in progress guys! Gotta love it!
5. 3 min 35 – Jun / Asuka on the same team! Will be interesting to see if Asuka has all of Jun’s moves / if they are palette swaps or separate characters.






2 responses to “New Jun footage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2!”

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  2. Quadrupledragon

    Yeah, you do NOT want to leave one of your opponent’s characters in rage in this game.

    It looks like she has some sort of stance or move that can transition into other moves, it’s at 0:34.

    Also at 1:41 the tag-in at the wall avoids Paul’s low.