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Over 2 Hours of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Footage from Korea!

Wow, its finally here! Tons of footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the hands of capable players! In the first vid we get to see some Narahkof with Marduk and Paul even! Really awesome to see him use both of his characters at the same time. Coolest thing I’ve noticed is that the characters actually get wet in the water stages now, clothes, skin, etc. True Ogre has dropped the True from his name and just goes by Ogre now. Stages seem to be smaller and break into larger areas. Movement seems faster/bigger than Tekken 6. Read through this TekkenZaibatsu thread for a list of changes from D.Love and check out the vids below:

Couple more videos after the jump

Also check out this and this for more!






2 responses to “Over 2 Hours of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Footage from Korea!”

  1. Loz

    ugh! TTT1’s cheap movement is back. I prefer T6’s movement because it required more skills to make your opponent whiff and block punishment skills. Now players will be scared to use short range mix ups cause of the overpowered backdash. It’s gonna be a backdash launch fest and less block punish! making the game turtley.

    But everything else looks good so far. ^_^

  2. KenmasterX

    lol scrub like Rain will hate TTT2, but Knee will be very happy.