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Another Street Fighter After Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition?

Seth Killian recently hinted in his interview with NowGamer that there is a possibility that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition may not be the last of its kind.

“Well, things change at Capcom all the time frankly. It’s a matter of internal focus and planning. Saying what’s next for us in fighting games, where do we want to have our energy, our key staff working on games and things like that.

The thinking was, we’re going to set down Street Fighter IV and let it ride with Arcade Edition. But of course, things change all the time at Capcom, so if Arcade Edition does very well, I’m sure there will be some guy in a suit somewhere saying “you need to do this again!” and we’ll be back here talking again. But that’s a-okay with me.”

So basically, depending on how much everyone loves the SFIV series and the demand for more rises, there just may be another SFIV on the way!  But with everyone moving to newer fighting games such as MvC3, Tekken Tag 2, and Mortal Kombat, it sounds like a hard call.






One response to “Another Street Fighter After Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition?”

  1. kornstar

    great, ANOTHER variation of the same game