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Tekken Tag 2 – E3 Day 3 – Gameplay Vids

E3 is done and over with, but we recorded almost an hour and a half of more gameplay for you guys (more after the jump below). Players include myself, Aris, Kane, MYK, Suiken, Rickstah, Subt-l, MatrixMatt and more. Also be sure to check out MatrixMatt and SuperArcadeBox YouTube Channels for even more gameplay vids. Stay tuned for the site because we also have an interview with Harada and Michael Murray coming very soon as well!






3 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – E3 Day 3 – Gameplay Vids”

  1. chemicalRed

    Nice videos.. Thanks for posting.


    i have a question about tag assault in general. Did they change anything from the way it worked from the demo at MLG last year? When they showed the wall combo of jin and paul. Jin was charging his unblockable while paul was still comboing him. Does this still work in the current build? Or did they change it so that the other character have to wait for the point character to finish their move first before he/she can do another move?

    for example.
    for a chreddy team. would B!~5 d2,3~5 b3+4 work?
    lets say eddy starts the juggle and tag assaults christie in for her to do d2,3.. WHILE shes doing d2,3, eddy tags back in and does b3+4. since d2,3 spikes them to the ground.. would a correctly timed b3+4 hit 100%dmg?

    1. Rip

      Can’t really tell if Tag Assault is changed from that demo. Very rarely did anyone get a high launcher AT the wall. I tried unblockables during Tag assault as oki, but it didn’t seem to work right. Definitely needed more time to experiment with it. It seemed like slow moves during Tag Assault made you wait longer before original character became active again.

      If you do a spike move during Tag assault they can TECH roll it! Thats a system thing that IS in place right now in the build we played. So setup’s like B!~5 spike, stomp do not work since they are techroll-able.