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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Console Release – Probably 2012

This could explain the rumors people have been talking about lately. This JUST in, straight from Harada’s Twitter account

Probably next year. RT @leggendary92 Mr Harada, when the game( Tekken Tag 2) should come out on consoles?






6 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Console Release – Probably 2012”

  1. AAK

    Arcade operators aren’t going to be too happy about hearing that…. but SCREW THEM! 😉

    Good for us, hopefully we’ll get it sooner.

    1. garyoak99

      It’s good for those who don’t have arcades that have the game. That seems about right as Tekken 6 came out for consoles less than a year after Bloodline Rebellion came out for arcades.

  2. Unless…

    Unless… there is a TTT2 – Expansion and the console will be delayed…. hoping this is not the case of course 😉

    So when can we expect to hear an announcement next year for a possible release date? E3 2012, Comic-Con 2012? Anyone?

  3. Midnight Ride32

    2012?!?! They send a message for the arcade early 2011 (maybe even late 2010) & the console version MIGHT be coming out 2012!!!! I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!! My bro destroyed my Tekken 6(it tends to freeze at some points) & I need a replacement

  4. Nancy

    Thanks for the share!

  5. I hat that it aint game out yet