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Street Fighter x Tekken: 5th Character Teaser Revealed!

Capcom just released the next character to the roster.  Unlike the other teasers, this one seems a bit more vague on who it is.  Most people are saying it can either be Dhalsim or Eddy Gordo.






5 responses to “Street Fighter x Tekken: 5th Character Teaser Revealed!”

  1. chemicalRed

    I’m quite positive it’s Dhalsim. There was that character trailer that released at E3, the one that supposedly includes Steve as well, and these images seem to match those included there. Here’s a link to a video a guy made of it.


    I think there’s even another on YouTube where the user zoomed in an it was clearer who the characters were.

  2. I really do hope it’s Eddy.

    Coz he’s my favourite.

  3. AAK

    Definitely Dhalsim, he was already heavily hinted in the previous main trailer. And the next Tekken reveal will be Steve, as the internet found here:



  4. Rip

    Yea, at first I was definitely leaning towards it being Eddy, but so many people are saying its Dhalsim. The fruit on the ground clip is the main reason I think its Dhalsim over Eddy though. The foot, the green and yellow all point to Eddy, but the fruit.. that has nothing to do with Eddy