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The Main Man – Tekken Tag 2 Combo Video

I don’t usually post up combo videos, but this one was pretty awesome. The Main Man checked out the Tekken Tag 2 machine that Namco dropped off in Sweden and decided to put his best foot forward in showing off some of the awesome combo potential that awaits us. Tag buffered launcher->Tag buffered launcher->Tag Assault B! and much more. Really awesome stuff:






3 responses to “The Main Man – Tekken Tag 2 Combo Video”

  1. AAK

    Kazuya looks kinda broken…. LOL. Awesome indeed, but broken!

  2. Centaur of Gravity

    60-70% for a regular ewgf launch or ch, lol.

  3. kratos

    yeah go sweden and webhallen too theres also going to be a tourny in the 23rd in sveavagen too yeah sweden woahooh