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siliconera’s Interviews with Harada – Tekken x SF, TTT2 Prologue, and Much More!

siliconera has put up two awesome interview’s with Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada. The first interview gives some insight into the Devil character in TTT2 prologue, how they develop ideas for the minigames attached to console releases, and a bit about his current ideas for Tekken x Street Fighter. The second interview talks about how they decide on new characters / fight styles as well as leave us with some speculation on when the full Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will hit consoles. Quick summary:

  • Devil in TTT2 Prologue is actually Kazuya character transformed into Devil. As such, we should expect that Devil will not be a separate character and will function as we have seen it in the TTT2 location tests.
  • They listen to fan feedback a lot when it comes to the minigames. So make suggestions via twitter!
  • TxSF – Ryu will have his hadoukens
  • TxSF – Gameplay will be something new. Not Tekken or Street Fighter, but more like Tekken. More up close attacks for Ryu for example.
  • Adding new fightstyles – there are many he wants to add, however they aren’t exciting when used functionally so its hard to use them in the game.
  • They want to represent more countries in the roster of characters.
  • Full TTT2 console can not be close because it takes a lot of time to develop console menus / modes and they dont want it to affect sales in the arcades




3 responses to “siliconera’s Interviews with Harada – Tekken x SF, TTT2 Prologue, and Much More!”

  1. Islaw

    Hadokens in a TEkken?!

  2. MagusFyre

    New gameplay thats not like Tekken nor Street Fighter but leans towards Tekken Gameplay? hmmm

  3. ketlord

    Ah.. i dont how i will play street fighter x tekken…. wt a joke