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Street Fighter x Tekken – Kuma, Raven, Ibuki, Hugo Gameplay

The Gamescom trailer of Street Fighter x Tekken shows off the system features in a very nice tutorial followed by gameplay reveals of Kuma, Raven, Ibuki, and Hugo! Kuma looks CRAZY and .. bear fart?






7 responses to “Street Fighter x Tekken – Kuma, Raven, Ibuki, Hugo Gameplay”

  1. Iron_Fist

    nice but where is the law episode….been waiting for it all weekend! coming out today or tomorrow? bet it will be a great episode just like all the others, keep up the good work. And even though TTT2 is on the way, let’s hope you can make a lot more other episodes since you can still apply maybe 85% of the stuff in t6 to ttt2. And it will be great help for newbies and many more

    1. Rip

      Its uploading =p
      12 more hours. Won’t be up until tomorrow.

  2. I can’t believe they chose Kuma’s fart as his super..
    Great pick.. 😀

  3. repo

    hahaha.. Kuma..

  4. Jj

    To bad there is no lars

    1. MagusFyre

      He’ll prolly be a $10 DLC =P

  5. AAK

    Raven and Kuma don’t look too hot at the moment. Needs more vampire knees.