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Namco x Tecmo Teaser! Tekken x Dead or Alive?!

Over at BandaiGames site, they have a countdown page up for a new title. Interestingly enough though, the teaser reveals that it is a Namco Bandai Games Inc. x TECMO KOEI GAMES CO., LTD. Let the speculation run wild, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a week until the countdown runs out to find out more! Now of course, this may not even be a fighting game, but its very curious that they would place a giant “X” between the company names… (btw, the image is just fanart!)





11 responses to “Namco x Tecmo Teaser! Tekken x Dead or Alive?!”

  1. Martin Ryan Cruz

    I want it to be Soul calibur X D.O.A.

  2. jonsf

    dynasty warriors x soul calibur 😀

  3. Islaw

    Demon Soul x Ninja Gaiden

  4. AAK

    Most probably going to be something we’ll never see outside Japan. But Tekken’s already got too much going on with the WiiU version, 3DS version, Arcades, Console release, Hybrid, TxSF, this’ll be crazy if this announcement adds anything to it.

  5. I doubt it’ll be a fighting game. Probably a beat em up, or hack and slash type of game. IMO
    Since I guess, a Tekken x DOA game will have to compete with one of Namco’s upcoming fighting games.

    Tekken x DOA on arcades/PS3/Xbox360….means it has to battle with TTT2…and possibly Tekken x SF… It will certainly compete with SFxTekken(and Capcom will prolly make sequels to that game like they did with SFIV).

    Tekken x DOA on 3DS…means it will complete with Tekken 3D: PE
    Tekken x DOA on WiiU…well maybe the Tekken game for WiiU… is actually Tekken x DOA.

  6. Wing

    the thought of Soul Calibur x Dynasty Warriors made me so hype.

  7. Islaw

    link? Teaser still says 2 days

  8. Muck

    Turns out it’s just a Musou/Dynasty Warriors game for One Piece. Hmm.

    1. Rip

      Damn, that sucks. Thanks for the followup

  9. Ramon

    Omg this will work completely well with doa’s boobies and tekkens juggles and with doa’s stages…..wow doa ftw!

  10. ChidoriSnake

    Tekken x Dead or Alive now, Tecmo and Namco! (But please finish Tekken x Street Fighter first)