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Tekken:Blood Vengeance Soundtrack Release Info

The Tekken:Blood Vengeance album is available for North America as a digital download from iTunes for only $9.99! Not bad considering its 43 tracks, which puts the cost per track down at like 25c. Apparently its been on there since July 27th!

It will also be available for Europe and Japan on iTunes later this week. On September 3rd, the CD version will also be released in Japan. No word yet on whether there will be a CD release in North America or if the soundtrack will be included on the Tekken Hybrid disc.





2 responses to “Tekken:Blood Vengeance Soundtrack Release Info”

  1. RandomJin

    Wow, nice, I always loved the Tekken soundtracks.

  2. I bet the Tekken BV will be included on Tekken hybrid or just a simple CD release……. or maybe both. So what genres do we have? Can it be Rock, Metal, techno/electronic, hardcore Punk Rock, Metalcore or something?