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More Street Fighter X Tekken Character Teasers!

Capcom just released their newest character teasers for Street Fighter x Tekken plus the official boxart.  The first video does give a good hint that it maybe Heihachi but nobody seems to be knowing who the character is for the second teaser.  A lot of people seem to be concluding that its Sean only because of the basketball, but every other clue in the teaser really doesnt seem to hint that its Sean.  Who do you think it may be?






3 responses to “More Street Fighter X Tekken Character Teasers!”

  1. jeremy

    Heihachi and Sean?

  2. Jj

    So its gonna be the old heihachi?

    1. Rip

      They didn’t show the hair at all so we don’t know yet. Right now we’ve only seen arms and legs and from that we’re assuming its Heihachi.