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Street Fighter x Tekken – Pandora / Scramble / Briefing TGS Trailer

Wow, the Street Fighter x Tekken information just keeps rolling out of TGS 2011. This trailer has some huge announcements plus some gameplay of Heihachi, Rolento, Lili, Zangief. The big news here of course is the new Pandora gameplay element that allows you to sacrifice your teammate for a power boost. To top it off, they’ve also confirmed pair play offline AND online. So now you and a friend can be on the same team online! Scramble mode looks ridiculous crazy with all 4 players on screen at the same time. Briefing shows that you can use pair play in practice mode while waiting to be matched up online. Crazy stuff, check it out after the jump





3 responses to “Street Fighter x Tekken – Pandora / Scramble / Briefing TGS Trailer”

  1. Katharine

    Serious lover of the website, quite a few your posts have seriously helped me out. Awaiting improvements!

  2. Jeremy

    I’m really liking the new training options, however scramble mode seems like scenario campaign and pandora is like x-factor.

  3. Jordon

    Scramble mode is Epic. The only thing now that I’m hoping for is that the don’t put just the famous characters in the game, but put them all from esp. the latest games from each side. Then this game will never gather dust at anyone’s house b/c there would be endless possibilities with that and Scramble mode. 1st day release if they don’t only put small number of characters in it.