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Tekken Throw Break Trainer Moved To LevelUpYourGame.com

Hey everyone. Unbelievably, its been almost 4.5 years since I first created the Tekken Throw Break Trainer.  The reason was simple: I didn’t want to boot up a console and setup practice mode to practice throw breaking every time. So I made a flash program accessible from any computer at any time. Over the years there were minor revisions so people on laptops could set keys (since they may not have a numpad) and I added more characters to it so that you can practice against small arms/medium arms/large arms (check the original TZ thread for more info). The timing is slightly stricter than the game so if you can do it here, you can do it in the game. Since its release, the Throw Break Trainer has been played nearly half a million times by Tekken fans around the world.

Now that all of my time is dedicated here to Level Up Your Game, it only makes sense to bring the original Throw Break Trainer to the site. For those of you wondering, I do plan on updating it once Tekken Hybrid hits. You can find it in the menu bar above. Check it out and tell your friends.





7 responses to “Tekken Throw Break Trainer Moved To LevelUpYourGame.com”

  1. aleem

    great app but its only letting me break 1 thow and then it goes black

    1. Rip

      Most likely an issue with browser or version of Flash. If anyone else has similar problems try updating your version of Flash or try it in a different browser.

  2. Jj

    Cool can you make a iPhone version of this?

  3. kornstar

    wow, I’d actually forgotten about your throw break trainer, thanks for putting this “back up”!

  4. Reality

    Can you put up a download link for it Rip? You used to have it and it’s more convinient.

  5. okamishinja

    went black for me to. but to be fair i haven’t tried a different browser yet. though i don’t mind refreshing just to play again.

  6. no0bs_prey

    @Jj try this) http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=129075