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Theater10’s GREAT TTT2 Anna/Nina Combo – with Notation

Theater10’s back showcasing some more of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This time around he shows off Anna/Nina’s special team combo. He title’s the video “Great Anna/Nina Combo” because at the end of these special team combos the announcer says “Great!” Pretty neat stuff and CRAZY amounts of damage. I wonder if you can hold down to escape the launcher after the bad breath. Notation after the jump

Nina db,d,df,f,n,db 2+3~5(tag) Anna 1+2~3+4 Nina (auto) Anna 2+3






One response to “Theater10’s GREAT TTT2 Anna/Nina Combo – with Notation”

  1. Richard Williams

    I loved the combo of nina and anna that removes much of the energy bar also has a nice visualization of more super cool but it’s very hard to accomplish.