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Namco Testing Servers In Hawaii for USA Release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade?

Update: Super Arcade has received their server testing equipment as well
Received word on twitter yesterday that an arcade in Hawaii has received PC’s for a 1 month test to test the network connection with Japan. Apparently the Namco representative said that the test would be to see if they could sell Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to the USA.

Harada tweeted awhile back that they were planning on a location test for USA in October, so this adds some credibility to the messenger. The fact that its near the end of October and none of our arcades in SoCal have definitively stated that they were getting a location test, it makes this server test even more probable. Maybe this server setup was the first step in having machines coming for a location test in Los Angeles, Texas, New York (these are the places Harada tweeted as possibilities)? Of course, don’t trust everything you hear on twitter right?

But we can always hope! What do you guys think?

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9 responses to “Namco Testing Servers In Hawaii for USA Release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade?”

  1. Islaw

    NO! Hurry up fro console instead!

    1. Anonymous

      hey you can go fuck yourself k?

    2. SoCalBeast

      Screw the console version the arcade version is better. I see myself playing Tekken tag 2 at arcades EVERYDAY on lunchbreak!

  2. Phil Harris

    I don’t care if it comes to console faster or not! I just wanna see top players play the game!

  3. AAK

    Let’s hope these test successfully. Hawaii is still pretty far away from the US mainland, so let’s see how well the signal holds up. We Canadians will have to suffice with Tekken Hybrid for now.

  4. MMM

    YESSSSSSSS! I live in Hawaii!

  5. dr. bastard

    “5 Responses to “Namco Testing Servers In Hawaii for USA Release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arcade?”” – font is white so blends in with background. /hella nit pick

    if this happens, SEX!!

    1. dr. bastard

      if this happens meaning hopefully servers do get installed and usa gets ttt2 at some arcades

    2. Rip

      Yup, thanks for point that out – the footer text is incorrectly white as well – I’ll get to it sooner or later