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New Tekken Tag 2 USA Location Test Info! Start/End Dates! NYC Cancelled!

Huge news on the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 USA Location Test! First of all, New York location test announcement previously made was in error. New York will NOT be receiving a location test. Also, for those of you looking to get ready for the test, go register your banapass and signup for Tekken-Net now! Secondly, the tests will start this week and end January 17th. Here’s the info:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post the location test details:
Start Date Location Address
12/5 Fun Works (Ala Moana Shopping Center) 1450 Ala Moana Blvd. #1060 Honolul, HI 96814
12/8 Super Arcade 1211 N. Grand Ave. Walnut, CA 91789
12/8 Round 1 Entertainment 1600 S. Azusa Ave. Suite 285 City of Industry, CA 91748
12/11 Arcade UFO 3101 Speedway Austin, TX 78705

*Unfortunately there is no location test in NYC as there are no Namco operated arcades in the area and the arcades we considered didn’t have compatible cabinets.

The link to the TEKKEN-NET site for the location test is http://exam.tekken-net.jp/

The location tests are scheduled to last until 1/17/2012
Please keep in mind that all player data, rankings, etc. will be erased after the location test wraps up.

– Michael

Can’t wait!

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7 responses to “New Tekken Tag 2 USA Location Test Info! Start/End Dates! NYC Cancelled!”

  1. KenG

    lucky bastards..

  2. aleem

    cant wait to see some stream hope this friday ewgf wil steam it

  3. AAK

    That’s really exciting to see all this going down. I’m really sorry to all of the East Coast community about what happened.


    Are you Serious? No NY Location Test! Damn that’s fucked up!

  5. Bah

    It is time to leave America for good. I hate the East Coast sigh :/

  6. Rip

    @aleem as far as I’ve heard – its not 100% confirmed that we’re allowed to stream. We’ll find out when it happens I guess

    @IMFAMOUSMINDED – youre a douche in stream chats

    As much as this sucks for NYC right now, the bright side is that the test is only for a month anyway – then everyone’s back to no Tekken until console?


    @RIP…….You don’t know me kid. You see I like to troll people like you bc you are an easy target. Believe it or not, I’m acually a pretty cool guy. I just don’t like your cocky attitute. I don’t take anything away from you as a player and what you contribute to this community. I appaude it. So please…calm down and watch your mouth please. Anyways…..Yep sux for NY not getting a location test but hopefully Namco will reconsider!