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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Console Release – Holiday 2012

With a short trailer at the Spike Video Game Awards – Namco Bandai has announced that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will hit consoles Holiday 2012. I watched the entire VGA waiting for it, and there was nothing, so I’m pissed but hey! Thats what youtube’s for!





9 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Console Release – Holiday 2012”

  1. dijon

    I wonder what this means for Tekken at EVO

  2. st9389

    Rip it was at the very end of the pre-show they had online right before the actual one on T.V.

  3. @dijon: Evo 2009, had incomplete console version of Tekken 6.
    It had versus mode only or something like that.

    But it was very playable, because the main part of the game was already finished at that time. Since the game had been out in the arcades for a long time…like 8-9 months since the release of T6BR.

    So perhaps we will see TTT2 at Evo, on consoles… or better yet….arcades.

  4. dijon

    @L_Z_N That might the best solution given that it seems like Evo avoids using cabs for official tourneys. Here’s hoping Namco pulls through with the same setup then.

  5. Nilo

    Could someone tell me exactly when is “HOLIDAY 2012”? What month would that be? Is it summer holidays, or next Christmas?

    1. Rip

      99% of the time, when anyone markets something as “Holiday” they’re referring to November/December

  6. eMixZz*

    Oh my, That pisses me off, I’ve waited for this game since it was announced, and now they tell me it’s another year until it comes out 🙁 ? But on the bright side, I’ve got a whole year to practice my 2nd character. 🙂


    OMFG I just came!!!! Hopefully they take their time and deliver a balanced polished ver. of the game and focus on the important things like a record function. Maybe something like an enhanced training mode for begginners……..no bullshit scenario campaign.

  8. Leem Leem Version V

    i guess they want the arcades to make some money before the console release and the arcades get dead again