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KYSG – Double Bound and Other Glitches – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue

REALLY interesting finds from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue here from moramota of KYSG. The majority of these were done with a programmable stick, which explains why they are so crazy and so awesome. MUCH More vids after the jump! If you haven’t gotten your Tekken Hybrid yet – go! go! go! – one year of practice before full version hits console!

In this first video he trades hits with Ling’s ff+1 and Kazuya’s UF~4 and is able to get a double bound situation (cannot tech roll or tag crash to escape).

The second video shows that there may be unblockable setups created by using delay strings with your Tag Assault filler character to bait your opponent into using a wakeup attack.

The third video shows a glitch (in Prologue only?) where you can universal tag assault before the round begins in certain situations!

The fourth shows DevilJin getting a Tag Assault B! by cancelling the tag assault.

WOW – the power of programmable sticks! Some CRAZY 90% combos in here:

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2 responses to “KYSG – Double Bound and Other Glitches – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue”

  1. Mel Gibson

    awesome vids. because they’re not jewish. jk. <3

  2. dijon

    These are ridiculous. Can you still spike someone for oki during tag assault? I wonders if you can make some guaranteed ground hitting unblockables. Maybe a trap where if they stay down, they get unblockabled, and if they wake up attack they eat a counter hit from the other character?