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Electric Wind God Fridays – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Farewell Stream Archive

The time has come for the return of Avoiding The Puddle‘s EWGF Stream. On the last possible Friday that we’re supposed to have the game, Super Arcade has finally gotten the permission they were looking for to stream Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Check out all the archives after the jump:






8 responses to “Electric Wind God Fridays – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Farewell Stream Archive”

  1. CentaurofGravity

    Wheres the ewgf archive man? Im refreshing every 5 mins. Cant. Fucking. Wait.

    1. Rip

      Up now

  2. AAK

    Hmm, that was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts about TTT2.

    I got the vibe that the majority isn’t happy out of fear of the lack of competition due to the high entry level of Tekken.

    But hopefully for the console release, a much better online mode and a revamped practice mode will dilute the entry barrier.

    It’s too bad we never heard the opinions strictly from a gameplay point of view. In the bottom line is TTT2 fun or not?

    1. Rip

      I talked about it later at some point, but if you like Tekken 6, then youre going to love Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

      Gameplay wise, it definitely is more launcher friendly and red-life doesnt regenerate fast enough to be VERY useful. At the same time though, movement is better, so while it looks and can play similarly to Tekken 6, there are a lot of little differences under the hood.

      The tag system is super fun though and I cant wait to have this game in a practice mode

      1. Pane

        haha what? … life doesn’t regenerate fast enough? …

        I hear you and aris talking about how life doesn’t regen fast enough … and in a different argument, u guys are also saying that 10-12 frame hopkick punishers don’t matter because you regain that life back lol… choose a side

        u want faster regen life? … then 12,13,14 frame punishers REALLY aren’t going to matter either, ONLY launchers. regen life isn’t a new concept to the “tag” series.

      2. Rip

        As I said, red-life doesnt regenerate fast enough to be VERY useful. It is useful to recover a 12f hopkick yes, but its not VERY useful once you eat a hwoarang unblockable juggle.

        The game IS more launcher friendly already because of this + having two lifebars (so 12,13,14 fr punishers being regained with faster regen doesnt affect this). So yes, faster regenerative life isn’t going to help fix the playstyle in that sense, but it is going to make red life more important/useful overall.

        Things like using Tag Crash/Tag Assault where you lose your red life RARELY matter because of the slow regen pm red life. You could take that a step further and say that even tag buffered launchers matter less because of the slow regen on red-life.

        Overall for me, I see red life being used offensively/defensively in an ‘every bit counts’ strategy as opposed to a ‘resource that needs to be taken care off’ strategy. I’d like to see it be more important and in its current state, its not very important.

      3. Pane

        I am pretty sure namco already thought of the punisher issue. if you noticed, a LOT of characters have buffed up punishment. of course you’re not going to regen a 35% juggle … there would be timeouts every single round, not to mention punishers would be useless… the game would be ALL about launch~5, which it isn’t.

        yes, launch~5 doesn’t matter much. after they introduced tag crash, the idea of eliminating as much red bar as possible went out the window. besides, the only thing that stops redbar from dropping is TA. hitting someone with normal moves or solo juggles drops red bar … so it is not as if you can regain that back. redbar is there as an aid, not life support.


        hwoarang unblockable juggle is a special case … and I believe it’s safe to assume that after tomorrow, it’ll be gone.


        how would you propose it to change to be more important?

        no reg = it would “fix” the 10-12 fr punisher issue
        faster reg = it would eliminate the usefulness of 10-12 fr punishers, as well as place heavy emphasis on launch~5, as well as discourage TA in general [which I don’t think namco wanted to do].

        I think it is fine as it is

  3. Targie

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