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Megaman and Pacman Revealed for Street Fighter x Tekken

Capcom announced today that MegaMan and PacMan will be Playstation exclusive characters for Street Fighter x Tekken. PacMan is on top of a giant Mokujin. Since they’re console exclusive they won’t be allowed in tournaments, but it sure looks like Sony is getting a lot of love here. This has to be the most console specific guest characters I’ve seen from a fighting game.. maybe ever? Check out the trailer





11 responses to “Megaman and Pacman Revealed for Street Fighter x Tekken”

  1. Damajer

    Damn i was so happy when i saw megaman in the title and now i see this fat piece of shit – what the hell?
    Fucking disappointing

  2. chemicalRed

    Cant wait to play Pac Man.

  3. Joe Peterson


  4. Eric Kelly


  5. JeanCarlos Chacon


  6. Brian Mitchell

    I’ll enjoy pummeling that bad art box megaman, but at the same time he looks like he could be an awesome troll character 😀

  7. Leem Leem Version V

    He looks like shit

  8. John Ronald Ong Ang

    biggest troll smash by capcom yet since that mvc3 poster…

  9. Jason Greeson

    Wrong. He looks awesome.

  10. Ray Daniels


  11. Eric Roman