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“New” Tekken Tag Tournament 2 To Be Unveiled at AOU Next Week!

Andriasang is reporting that next week at AOU 2012 Namco will be unveiling a “New” Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Apparently, the new version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is “greatly evolved with new elements.” For those of you who don’t know, AOU is an arcade show which means that the new version should be an arcade release. Hopefully this new version is what they’re planning to release on console this Holiday 2012. What would you like to see changed? Changes to the juggle system? Removing Hwoarang unblockable? Banning Knee for being too awesome? Removing Lars and Lili? Sounds good to me! More info after the jump

Update: They’re also planning an update for TTT2 for PAIR PLAY to finally hit arcades next week as well. Hopefully this isn’t just a news piece to show off pair play or that would be a pretty big mistranslation. It seems a little early for a full on update for the game, but it could be argued that it needs it. We’ll see what happens next week.






20 responses to ““New” Tekken Tag Tournament 2 To Be Unveiled at AOU Next Week!”

  1. KenG

    Too early for new version so must be pair play

  2. New characters perhaps?

  3. dijon

    5 to 5 DR made the game less retarded and added some new characters. 6 to 6 BR made the game less retarded and added some new characters. I guess I’m hoping that TTT2 to TTT2 sequel makes the game less retarded and adds in some new characters.

  4. I want more characters added to the TTT2 roster. Even if it’s guest characters like Wolverine, Maxi, Iron man, Spider man, Hulk or maybe Dante.

  5. Eddierang

    So does that mean we will be finally seeing TTT2 machines in the US finally? Tired of waiting.

  6. Islaw

    More Tekken we cant play 🙁

  7. MagusFyre

    More characters for TTT2? Maybe we will finally see the Forrest and Marshal Law team weve been waiting for!!

    Either way, I bet itll be another 10 years till America will have to wait

  8. I want some new characters example Mukojin of mixing with Little gon and Dr. Busknovic and Kunimitsu & Michelle and some new movements especially for Kazuya and Paul that they did not change them from a long time and of course some change on the Lars and a lot to balance the system Play
    Sorry for my language to English

  9. otherguy

    If they are unveiling it next week I would presume that they are giving out future information. I doubt it would be pair play for the “new Tekken Tag 2” bring released right after the event at AOU. But who knows hope it’s not…..or Gems >:(

  10. Jack Daniels

    “Removing Lars and Lili”… FUCK YOU, you fucking skinny indian basterd!!!

    If they should remove anybody it should be your cheap ass Law, everybody knows Law is a cheap and overpowered character! Or Bob, he is just fat and ugly!

    I think they should tweak the combo-system to not be this damaging. Plus they should remove some of the lesser used characters noone cares about. Like Wang, and the animals; Roger Jr, Kuma, Panda, Ganryu etc etc.

    This game needs to be simplefied a bit. It is way too difficult to mive in this game.

  11. Pane

    remove lili? …

    I think they should remove law >;O

  12. Targie

    Lol Jack Daniels. Law be hella broken in TTT2 right? He’s about as broken as a newly replaced window. (As in, not at all)

    ‘and the animals; Roger Jr, Kuma, Panda, GANRYU’

    Yeah I agree, they should get rid of the robots too, Like Jack, Alisa and Julia.


    Y’know the saying ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?’ I reckon we ought to get rid of it because it would prevent me from calling out idiots like you.

    In its place I propose a new system ‘If you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, don’t talk shit’.

    On topic. The game probably can’t be adjusted to appeal to new players at this point without completely rebuilding it, So I just want the obvious damage scaling on Hwoarang unblockable and an increase to damage scaling, possibly a buff to 12 frame punishers in general.

    Whilst buffing 12 frame punishers, give Asuka a punisher. Like even just giving her a 10f punisher that does 15 damage, make it require the same inputs as Ivy’s summon suffering (or whatever the throw is called) whilst in blockstun, just… something, please?

    Also make Jun top tier, Evo 2013 finals must be Targie vs Insomnomom.

    As far as banning Knee, that’s way too much of a kneejerk reaction and I am genuinely ashamed of you for even suggesting such a thing Rip, it’s highly unprofessional. A much softer nerf would suffice. I believe surgically removing his right arm from the elbow down is the most appropriate course of action.

  13. Quinn

    I think that this new version will include new system game mechanics to fix many of the problems the game has. They will probably need to think of a way to engage new people to play this game. Honestly I think that the game is a bit too hard for a new player to pick up on quickly. I myself have been playing for years and I did have some trouble for playing the game for the first time.

    I am also hoping for some new characters to show up. I also suggest for them to remove some of the oldest characters in the game but not entirely they’re fighting style. For example, replace Marshall with his son Forrest, or replace Paul with one of his students or something like that. It would be nice to see some new faces. And if they don’t they should at least give them new outfit for every new franchise that comes out.

    As for the console release. All I could wish for is for them to include frame data and better the online exprerience and also a better practice mode.

    Cheers XD

  14. Manji Ninjutsu


  15. Nick Navas

    dr b better be in it. or else.