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SFxT Stream with Jin / Ogre / Akuma / Bison Build – Live Now

WorstGiefEVER is streaming the latest build of Street Fighter x Tekken right now. First look at a lot of regular Jin gameplay since we’ve only seen his super’s and cross arts previously. Unfortunately it looks like they’re pretty unfamiliar with the game. Be sure to check out the WNF stream tonight to catch some legit action.





3 responses to “SFxT Stream with Jin / Ogre / Akuma / Bison Build – Live Now”

  1. Islaw

    All these people with the game early and CANT EVEN PALY IT!

  2. M

    my thoughts exactly.
    that’s why I was so glad you guys made that Law and Paul tutorial vid… FINALLY someone that knows what they’re doing with the game. so far it’s only been noobs replaying SF4 in this game.

  3. Narutou01

    i still havent found a good jin