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Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Law / Paul

We’re back with another episode of Level Up Your Game! This time around we’re partnered with Capcom to cover some of the Tekken cast in Street Fighter x Tekken and give you an early look at how these characters have made their transition to the Street Fighter universe. First up is Law and Paul so I hope you guys enjoy it! We also have 2 of the Team Tekken shirts to giveaway (XL) so subscribe to our youtube channel and comment on the video or follow us on twitter @LevelUpYourGame and retweet the message at the end of the episode for a chance to win! One winner per week for the next two weeks.




32 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Street Fighter x Tekken – Law / Paul”

  1. troll

    another game west coast gets to play early. annoying. i bet months before ttt2 is released we’ll have MYK teaching us how to input basic commands. *grumbles and walks away cursing

    1. KenG

      didnt Fingercramp have a SFxT stream on the east coast?

      1. Ousmane Doumbia

        Sup! This comment is for a chance 2 win a PS3 (preferably cross) Madcatz Pro Arcade stick. I currently do not have one, but am tying 2 level up, so if I won this contest it would be awesome.

  2. BachelorFrog

    What happened to True?

    1. GTS Joe_

      True dat.

  3. Your Big Fat Mama

    We want True!!

  4. aleem

    rip finally takes a haircut lol

  5. aleem

    how much moves from tekken to the tekken players have in this game? what about king does he have like death cradle and break ups like tekken?

  6. Islaw

    I like seeing that you who know Tekken are doing the Tekken characters for this!

  7. Rayzor

    game looks tight…cant wait to see what Hwoarang is doing in this game

  8. AlwaysFree

    I’m getting so excited for this

  9. william miller

    I wanna see some Yoshi! no one seems to be playing him

  10. chemicalRed

    Nice work. Hopefully you guys get around to addressing all the characters.

  11. aleemx316

    rip can you post the notations for the law combos?

  12. Jago

    Those combos for law O= For sure picking him over fei long haha

  13. Spike

    Thanks for all the Law tips. He’s the dopiest!

  14. LevelUpYourGame

    Spread the word guys, thanks!

  15. Baraa Tebeileh

    Awesome work guys, any info on who you will be covering next? Hwoarang/Steve please? ^^