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Tekken Unlimited – Trailer Released!

The trailer for Tekken Unlimited has been released! Hopefully there will be an english version released as well, but for now here’s the Japanese version. Green life bars, 2v2, 1v2, 1v1, pair play, and I assume balance changes. LOL @ 1 man team barrier break. Not sure what to think of it yet because a Tekken Tag Tournament in 1v1.. sounds like a not Tekken Tag Tournament. Added a bunch of pics after the jump

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When they say “Overseas” on that placard on the bottom, I wonder how far overseas they’re referring..







21 responses to “Tekken Unlimited – Trailer Released!”

  1. dijon

    you got your T6BR in my tekken tag 2
    It’s probably a result of how good T6 did for them in asian arcades. Rumors float around that Tag 2 isn’t doing as well as it could be, but I don’t know much about that situation. It’ll be interesting to see if they have any more announcements for TUTT2, but I’d like to see a step in a fresh direction for the Tekken from here on out. Cue to months from now when I’m complaining that TxSF looks way too weird and different.

    1. neo

      how can i have a combo for bob? pls help me

  2. Islaw

    Is killing hawk removed? patched?

  3. ThreeSlices

    Doctor B

  4. ThreeSlices

    3 v 1!!!!!

  5. ThreeSlices

    lol. not tekken tag tournament

  6. KenG

    Interesting way to make the game easier – let people play with just one character!

  7. TS

    I don’t see all the fuss about this 1v1 thing. We had it in TTT1 console aswell. And I never played the mode really.

    1. Rip

      It seems that this is how the game is intended to be played, with all options available at the character select screen, not a completely separate mode. My guess is that the game has been rebalanced to accommodate this as well.

      As opposed to just say not playing a mode on console, this would require a ban at the tournament level – which I think shouldn’t even be in consideration until we actually have the game to play. My initial reaction is that I think it will make tournaments more interesting and offer more variety as long as there is a good balance in this new system.

  8. Quinn_

    The dirrerent modes I believe are intended to engage new people into the game. They made it easier so that beginners can learn phase by phase. Also, the green bar to me looks gay and I wouldn’t wan’t to see a yellow bar either. Perhaps dark orange would have been nice?

    I wasn’t surprised to not see some new characters though. It’s already too much work for them.

  9. Cris4thewin

    oh lee ws 2,3 can be followed by f+4,3…. YES! 😀

  10. eboth_k

    ow… wow!
    I just hope that the battle system of this TEKKEN UNLIMITED will comes to console version of TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2.

    but, WHEN…?

  11. Charlie

    what is the release date?

    1. Rip

      Spring 2012 in arcade – Assumption is that this is the version we will get on console Holiday 2012

  12. Narutou01

    there is no nreason to complain about the new additions. so what if there are 2v1s. sure he only has to play with 1 character but you have 2 and the guy with 1 character combos are limited. there are pros and cons to whatever you choose. dont worry about other people, worry about yourself.

  13. Drew

    Deciding whether or not I should pick this up, especially since I’ve never played Tekken before. It’s probably going to be between this and SFxT, since the latter contains the Street Fighters that I know and love, but it’s also good to try new things.

  14. Dread

    Awesome trailer! So excited!

  15. chemicalRed

    Cant wait for this game. I’m curious as to how much new content there is/ will be.