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IGN Pro League – Street Fighter x Tekken – Stream info

IGN Pro League (IPL) is hosting a Street Fighter x Tekken Exhibition at South By SouthWest (SXSW) tomorrow afternoon. The players attending are:

EG Justin Wong
nycfurby, Arturo Sanchez
RIP, Reepal Parbhoo
BROKENTIER Di3mini0n, Kevin Landon
ReNiC, Ty Mitchell
NerdJosh, Josh Jodoin
LU | AlexValle, Alex Valle
Dr. SubZero, John Doberne

The event begins on Friday, March 9th at 3 p.m. Central time, on IPL’s new stream at http://www.twitch.tv/IPLFighters






60 responses to “IGN Pro League – Street Fighter x Tekken – Stream info”

  1. Joe Courage

    Alex Valle has got this, free.

    1. Shotacats

      I don’t know, Justin’s going to level up considerably now that the game’s out.

  2. Ricardo

    I’m actually going with RIP. you’ve been breaking down characters and playing this game almost exclusively for some time now. I think you have as good a shot as any of those people…if not a little more. be careful of Justin though. i’ve been following his twitter and he swears by..bob? having an infinite. That tells me he’s training non-stop with the game. Good Luck to all of you.

  3. Sam

    I’m interested to see Di3mini0n in this game.

  4. HammerIX

    going to agree with Sam, while i dig JWong’s playstyle really curious to see how Di3mini0n handles the new system

  5. Ivegotcandy

    My name would have been up there if I had dat SF x Tkn stick.

  6. NothinbutTru7h

    Would love to LevelUp my game with the SfxTk stick.

  7. Chris A.

    Nice a lot of top players there.

  8. Anthony Phu

    Nice. Definitely gonna check it out

  9. arod

    Let’s go Tekken!

  10. Medearis

    I’m hoping that Valle can still go footsies like a pro in this new game.
    Can’t wait to see that… might go check it out, it’s right down the street from me!

    Thanks LYUG 😀

  11. Secret

    I’m looking forward to seeing what innovative team Justin Wong has cooked up.

  12. Christian Weber

    Justin Wong ftw! 😀

  13. Will

    Sweet! ill be tuning in for sure. Thanks!

  14. Hellsing

    Cool, I’ll be watching that on the stream ^.^

  15. I really like the player lineup, so I’ll have to check this out.