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Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Steve Fox – Thats a lot of dmg..

Lately theres been a lot of debate about Solo mode being overpowered in Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited. We haven’t really seen a lot of examples of crazy damage in Tag mode though. Both of these examples show Steve wall combos with rage mode activated. The first example is Tag mode, second is Solo mode, so its no wonder that its a death combo in 1v2 mode. Yay for looking forward to patches? Thanks to fuuchikurin for the uploads





12 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Steve Fox – Thats a lot of dmg..”

  1. fuuuuuuuuu

    hmmmmm. why don’t they hurry up and just fix this game. Not add features to further break it.

  2. Targie

    Lol even without rage it’s almost a kill.

    Not sure how to go about amending this.

    Maybe remove the solo damage buff and increase max health slightly instead, that way you get a sort of ‘Turtly punish vs lengthy tag combos’ dynamic in 1 v 2 mode.

    But that would still lean pretty heavily in favour of the 1 rather than the 2.

    I guess another alternative would be to require you to kill both characters, that would make what is currently a death combo 50% ish, and the non-rage Steve combo in this video would be much closer to a 2 combo+ some pokes/punishes kill which would more or less bring it in line with what we’re currently used to. But at the same time make the game even more launcher heavy, and remove the depth in juggling life bars.

    I don’t know if just tweaking the amount of damage buff a solo player gets would be enough, but I doubt it will be.

    Honestly I’d sooner see the game return to 2v2 exclusively. As it is I see the game being played 1v1 all the time, even if they tweak some factors.
    Which sucks.

    1. 3L1

      Just lower his damage? Either that or give the other characters equally broken stuff.

      I dunno I don’t understand why you even get a boost for picking solo. You already have the advantage of not having to learn another character. Why reward someone for doing less?

    2. Rip

      Some interesting ideas here. Obviously though, there doesnt seem to be an easy fix. Imagine if the situation were reversed, and it was Tag team Steve with rage doing the combo on a Solo Steve. Then everyone would be like, whoaa Solo mode sucks etc because he lost like 75% in one combo. IMO, the problem in this situation is just Steves dmg in these combos.

  3. Pane

    honestly, who is going to get hit by just the 2nd hit of rage 311? especially as a ch next to the wall?

    even getting CH’ed by 2nd hit of pab 1121 is a bit of a stretch on a rage steve next to the wall like that.

    1. fuuuuuuuuu

      so let me get this straight; you’re trying to rationalize a touch of death combo in tekken?

      1. Pane

        I’m not rationalizing anything. I’m saying in a real world situation, it’s not going to happen… unless you’re an idiot.. then you deserve to get owned. it’s like a ringout in soul calibur … same shit. instant death

    2. KenG

      Steve infinite in Tekken 5 was also 311. They should just remove it

  4. Damajer

    This game looks really broken which means itll take forever to hit console…

    anyways: i think they should leave the dmg, increase the healthbars and enable in combat regeneration while fighting with only 1 character

    1. Rip

      Console release is already scheduled for Holiday 2012. So no matter how broken it is, its going to be out within the next 8 months on console. They seem to be patching more than we’re used to, so I wouldnt be surprised if things are different by the time it hits console.

  5. AAK

    Honestly, it’s a very special example. I’d still say let the game mature for 2-3 months before making a declaration of what can be done.

    One thing is for sure though, TTT2U is extremely TENSE to watch now compared to vanilla.

  6. Hiryu02

    There is another video I saw recently with a Jun/Asuka team vs a single Marduk. Marduk takes out Asuka in 5 hits, non-raged, midscreen. I’ll have to look for it again to link it, but it really seemed excessive.

    If the damage/health remains untweaked, Namco may have a real issue on their hands if they do not make adjustments. I kind of like the idea of requiring the single character to take out the whole team.