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Tekken Tag 2 Netcode Using Improved Soul Calibur 5 Netcode

In their interview with Harada, VideoGamer has learned that Tekken Tag 2 will be using an improved version of Soul Calibur 5’s netcode. Best news I’ve heard in awhile. In the past Harada had mentioned the internal rivalries between the Tekken and Soul Calibur development teams but its good to see that they’re okay with borrowing/improving from one another. I personally enjoy Soul Calibur’s netcode on 360 (not so much on PS3) so I’m looking forward to an improved version of it for Tekken. More details after the jump

“As you’re aware, Soul Calibur V came out recently. I think everyone was pretty surprised and happy with that. We’re basically going to be borrowing the system. Our technologists have really done a good job on doing more data compression techniques, they’ve helped out with that.

“I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”

NowGamer also has an interview up that mentions the same.
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11 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Netcode Using Improved Soul Calibur 5 Netcode”

  1. Damajer

    I hope its good enough so you can hitconfirm moves and break throws on reaction.
    I havent tried SC V online but i heard it was really good, but I also heard the game was “build to work online”.

    Do u think it will be good enough to play at a level where splitseconds matter for stuff like throwbreaks, hitconfirms, ducking quick highs in strings?

    1. Rip

      In Soul Calibur I’m able to see a grab and guess an input in time to break it. I can also duck the highs in strings etc as long as its a good connection. Of course when youre on a bad 1 bar connection its still terrible, but this is very promising

  2. im UnDeRoAtH from TZ and i rented SCV from redbox since i really dont play the game but i wanted to see how it was well i played a guy from Australia in rank match and it played decent imo im no hardcore SC player but therewas no glitches and no stops in the game at all so lets all hope TTT2 will be the same

  3. GTS Joe

    Makes sense, since Namco makes both games and they’re 3-D. Now, why couldn’t Capcom do something similar? SFIV had a good net code, and MVC3 had a crap netcode. What a bunch of idiots!!!!

  4. SonGohanX

    I found the opposite to be true. SC5’s netcode was great on PS3 (aside from matches occasionally just dropping for no reason) while on 360, there was noticeably more input lag, even on 5 bar connections.

  5. |Galen|

    If the netcode in this game is as good as SC5 there will definitely be a ton of upset scrubs on TTT2. They really don’t realize how much different a solid connection or offline play is.

  6. fuuuuuuuuu

    how do you know that the netcode is different on either systems? it could just be your own personal experience with them.

  7. unseenwombat

    I don’t have a 360, but I find with PSN that sometimes 1 or even 0 bar connections are just as good as 4 or 5 bar. I’m still able to block lows and duck highs on reaction and I don’t “feel” any input lag. There’s still the issue of random disconnects, I don’t understand why that sometimes happens, but otherwise it’s great. This is really good news for TTT2.

  8. Alex Chin

    Namco ftw

  9. Jonathan Isler

    I hope its better than SCV on PSN i couldn’t connect to anyone during ranked matches. I have searched for more games than i actually played

  10. Terron Finley

    Yea me to. Same on xbl. Player match is str8t tho.