16th May2012

Tekken Tag 2 Coming Soon to North American Arcades?

by Derek Lee


Shown above is screen shot from the TTT2 Live Monitor in Australia. To those who are unfamiliar with how the Live Monitor works for the arcade Tekken Tag 2, it is basically a monitor where you can view replays from around the world and [your own] player statistics. You are able to search by player rank, character, region, country, [etc] for replays.

Previously, the live monitor did not have an option for “North America” since an arcade release for TTT2 had not been decided on by Namco Bandai. Because it has now appeared officially on the world wide monitors, it does now seem apparent that America is definitely getting an arcade release for Tekken Tag 2.

You can probably expect to see some videos showing up from certain arcades across America shortly

credit goes to Demoyon from Tekken Zaibatsu

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