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Diablo III – LeapToad Power-Leveling (by Bubbles)

This video is a short guide showing the strategy players are using to level up quickly. Personally, I like just playing the game, so I hope Blizzard can do something to make this less effective. All credit goes to Bubbles from Super Arcade who hit me up and let me know about it. More info after the jump:

In this video here is what happens:
Players 1,2,3
Player 1 goes to Azmodan quest, runs past minions to get to the boss asap.
2,3 Join Party with 1, go in, let 1 kill the boss
2,3 exit out of the game
2,3 resume game
2 completes quests
2 joins 3
2,3 complete quests
2,3 rejoin 1 (who never left)
1 leaves
2,3 complete quests
1 resumes game
2,3 rejoin 1
1,2,3 complete quests


Description of Full strategy from Bubbles:

4 guys. 2 level 60s running them 2 guys getting power leveled. Guy (1) and (2) power level , guy (3) and (4) are being leveled.

(1)Makes a game (If you are level 19 or lower it is in normal and 20+ it is done in nightmare) and gets to the boss door before Azmodan (when you start the quest you are one floor from the boss. All you do is run past the minions and wait by the door for the two people you are running to get in the game). You start the boss and kill it (takes around 10 seconds to walk to it and 10 seconds to kill it).

(3) Quits that current game while standing in front of what is now left (the boss soul stone. YOU DO NOT TAKE THE SOUL STONE!) . Once at the main menu you click start/resume game. Once in you will be standing in front of the boss soul stone. Take the stone and cancel the cinema. Press T (To teleport to town) Talk to the guard and then go to the armory which is to the east of the guard. Do the cinema cut scene and skip it. You have just done two quests (one instantly for getting the soul stone and the second after the cinema).

(4) Also quit the original room and makes his own. Now he waits for (3) to finish doing his quests in his unique room and then (3) comes to (4)s room and they both turn in the two quests that have yet to be turned in.

After doing that they both quit and join the original game. They use the banner to teleport to (1)

Then (1) quits the game and (3) and (4) can turn in the two quests from that original game

(1) resumes game and has the two quests still there. (3) and (4) join his new game and turn in the two quests.

(2) has been waiting by the boss door for this cycle to be finished. (3) and (4) join his game and he instantly queues them for the boss and then kills it in about 10 seconds and then they repeat the same proccess they did with (1) until they finish the cycle and meet back up with (1).

In the end (3) got to turn in 8 quests(358400exp) and (4) got to turn in 6(268800 exp) . So i suggest every other cycle you swap who is number (3) and (4). in the end it would average to 313600 exp per cycle per guy. If you can do the cycle in 3:00 that means you can get over 100k exp a minute which means over 6mil exp an hour which means about level 60 in 3 hours. Since it takes 23522400 to get to 60.





6 responses to “Diablo III – LeapToad Power-Leveling (by Bubbles)”

  1. MaRayearth

    what the hell, I thought this site was about fighting games?

    1.  @MaRayearth I know right?! Refresh the front page already!

  2. Tony Lew

    Stop letting my secret out!

    TBH nothing really wrong with this IMO. People used to just do COW levels in D2 over and over. I don’t think this should be nerfed. It’s just a creative way of leveling within how the games designed. 🙂

  3. Chaoz

    wouldnt that make you under-geared? or this is also putting into consideration people can forge stuffs for you for free already to handle hell / inferno?

    1.  @Chaoz It would most likely leave you undergeared. Every cycle when Azmodan is initially killed though, you should be able to get some gear there. Not sure how the drops work in regards to player level / difficulty etc tbh. And yea, you will have made a lot of money doing this as well which you can use in the auction house or wherever to get items

      1. Chaoz

         @LevelUpYourGame Kinda makes me wonder if this was intended by Blizz or are we treading on unsafe waters with regards to game mechanics being abused… =/