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Tekken Tag 2 – USA Pre-Order Roundup

The official Tekken site has a list of pre-order options available for the USA. It looks like Gamestop is going to be a heavy favorite as they have all 4 of the DLC characters (Ancient Ogre, Kunimitsu, Michelle Chang, and Angel). Amazon and Best-Buy only have Angel and Michelle. Some interesting text from the Gamestop site though

“Pre-order now and get DLC characters Angel and Michelle Chang on day one & exclusive DLC characters Kunimitsu & Ancient Ogre”

Originally, Zavvi‘s site (retailer in Europe) said that the DLC characters would be available after 90 days, but their site has since been modified to remove this mention. With that in mind, its interesting that Gamestop/Amazon are going to have Angel and Michelle Chang on day one. It makes me wonder if Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre will be availabe on day one though. No word on the USA collectors edition yet.

Also interesting, the Amazon listing confirms that Pair Play will be available in the game. We already knew it was in arcades, but its nice to have confirmation that it will return to consoles as well.


4 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – USA Pre-Order Roundup”

  1. SuperAmmario

    Why did it have to be gamestop 🙁

  2. ketlord

    well characters will be released or unlocked somehow… the important thing is collectors edition 🙂
    any idea???

  3. Jay Hood

    yeah :T I have to cancel my amazon order now

  4. Yoshimattsu

    I bet Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre will be DLC that you have to then unlock in-game via Arcade mode like before..