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Tekken Tag 2 – Preview Clips of Ancient Ogre, Michelle, Kunimitsu and Angel

Short previews that show some of the potential of Ancient Ogre, Michelle, Kunimitsu, and Angel in Tekken Tag 2. This game is looking better and better. I’ll be uploading the E3 Day 2 vids tonight, should be up by tomorrow. The rest of the clips after the jump:





6 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Preview Clips of Ancient Ogre, Michelle, Kunimitsu and Angel”

  1. Targie

    I’m surprised this isn’t paid DLC to be honest. Those sick ass tag throws are clearly designed to be a ‘hahahahaha you can’t do this because you didn’t pay us’ thing.

    1. I got some answers about the DLC process actually, but I’m waiting to put together a proper “E3 Impressions” first to round up everything in one place. Definitely free of course. Will try to get it up tomorrow or so

  2. hello Rip, thanks for the updates, any news about a special arcade stick with the september launch? just like that all black namco controller when prologue was released? Thanks!

    1.  @A Filipino Tekkenista They havent announced anything yet regarding special sticks. They havent even announced a collectors edition for North America yet

  3. iGab

    So.. is Michelle like T6BR Julia with running grab? Or the same as Jaycee?

  4. unseenwombat

    O.O Angel! My Tag1 character is back! But now I have so many other characters I like too! What will I do?
    Kunimitsu looks awesome too. Never liked her before, but I just may now.