03rd Jul2012

Tekken Tag 2 – New Japan Trailer Shows Customizations, New CGI, New Stage, and More?

by Rip

Check out this new trailer for Tekken Tag 2 that shows off a BUNCH of new stuff! September can’t come soon enough. Customizations, game modes, online mode info, what looks like a new stage and more more more! Brain explooode


src: SRK

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This game is looking nuts.

Forrest and Miharu are basically confirmed at this point. Even freaking Shin Kamiya is in (Though only as an Alt. Costume).

They're gonna run out of characters to add and have to add in old modes instead. Let's go Tekken Ball!


It's good that they're going all out for the casual fans, gotta get them sales, hopefully Fight Lab is good enough to push a bunch of 'em into the competitive scene. September can't come quick enough.


@reepal @levelupyourgame cool beanz. i played as kuni n angel etc thurs (uk) even performed Nina+Anna's qcf+Lp+rp tag move (ps3)

Nick Navas
Nick Navas

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