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Forest Law, Alex, P. Jack, Tiger Confirmed for Tekken Tag 2

Theyre baaack, Forest Law, Alex, P. Jack and Tiger Jackson. All seem to be semi-clone characters with unique moves. 2 Laws huh… Hmmmmm





7 responses to “Forest Law, Alex, P. Jack, Tiger Confirmed for Tekken Tag 2”

  1. aleemx316

    @LevelUpYourGame omg this roster gonna be huge

  2. iGab

    Seriously? A third capoerist? Hope his move set will be diff than the other 2.

  3. aleemx316

    @LevelUpYourGame hey rip you must be hyped now that you can play with both laws?

    1. LevelUpYourGame

      @aleemx316 =D

  4. Targie

    Maybe auto-parry is back? 😛
    I’m somewhat glad that I’m not interested in any of these characters, settling on a team is proving to be difficult enough, even more so now I’ve finally had a chance to actually play. So many characters 🙁

  5. Damajer

    I personally dont like those clone characters….
    I havent even seen one unique move from alex in this vid and the laws dont even look different in appearance.
    P.Jack looks the most unique out of those 4 and I cant believe they added a 3. Capo…
    Im not complaining tho – the more the merrier, although it will be a pain in the ass to learn even the common used moves of those

  6. abner

    wow harada& co are seriously awesome. all that’s left is gon & dr B now lol. still a longshot but i wont be surprised if they snuck them there last minute anytime now