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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Online Preview – Comic-Con 2012

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Namco/Microsoft Tekken Tag Tournament 2 After Party this past Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel. At the party Namco showed off a new build of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that featured the online play. 8 stations were setup in a network (so it was always 5 bars) and we would be randomly assigned opponents as if we were online. For the most part, lag was non-existant, but again its 5 bars on a local network, so its pretty much expected. Hopefully this bodes well for the online play going forward though! Best feature = mini practice mode between matches! Also, when connecting to an opponent it shows their disconnect rate! I recorded two short clips that show some of it in action – check it out after the jump and remember that this build is a work in progress.





14 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Online Preview – Comic-Con 2012”

  1. Chaoz

    Any idea on the collector edition? seems like after they announced it, there has been no updates anymore =/

    1.  @Chaoz They announced the WE ARE TEKKEN edition for Europe I think? Or maybe only certain parts of Europe? Not sure. Nothings announced for USA – no idea if there will be one or not

      1. Chaoz

         @LevelUpYourGame Yup Europe, keeping fingers crossed for Asia/American version. that metal case look sick + artbook!

  2. ToucheBartendingSmith

    Was that a confirm for old Tekken music in game stages. I heard TTT Hwaorang stage in the first video

  3. Mike_Jagger92

    So is that a complete practice mode?

    1.  @Mike_Jagger92 It was not in this build. Since the opponent is a mokujin its not like you need most of the full features anyway. Maybe a wall option or CH on option (which you could just ki charge for), but thats all I’d need between matches. Between matches you may not even have time to set all those things up.

  4. DrBhup

    In that second video @ 1:12 you say “you gotta ‘tag-buffer’ that!” 
    What does that mean? To tag-buffer something..?

    1.  @DrBhup I was referring to Lars f+1+2 – certain launchers/juggle starters in the game you can hit tag immediately after inputting it and if it hits, your tag partner will come in to continue the juggle and this juggle will remove the opponents red life.

      1. DrBhup

         @LevelUpYourGame  @DrBhup 
        Ok, so it’s just another word for a ‘taggable launcher’. I get it.

      2.  @DrBhup Yeah, I’m pretty sure the full term is ‘tag buffered launcher’ – the idea is you buffer the tag button on the end of your launcher, so if it hits you get the tag, if not, no problem it won’t tag anyway

  5. Mazman

    Is there any sign of online pair play?

    1. Not that we saw. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though as this was just a preview and the game is still a work in progress

  6. DJD2010

    I thought Filthie said at EVO that you guys will upload tutorials for TTT2, when can we expect those tutorials to be up? 🙂

  7. I_Love_Hyoyeon

    I saw Michelle chang in that roster. Is there any gameplay videos of her ???? And i heard her tekken 2 OST in the backround lol. but did you guys get a chance to play as her ?