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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #1 – The Basics

Namco Bandai Games of America has partnered up with Level Up Your Game to produce a brand new introductory series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 aimed at teaching new and returning players everything they need to know to hit the ground running when the game hits store shelves the week of September 10th worldwide. This four part series will be released weekly and cover all of the basics of the game. Leave any feedback below in the comments and thanks for watching!





23 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #1 – The Basics”

  1. SuperAmmario

    It’s awesome you guys are officially doing this now as part of Namco. Very well deserved. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have all done for this scene throughout the years!

  2. Yoshimattsu

    I agree, very much deserved, also very well done

  3. Thanks guys.  Its been a lot of work to get to this point.  We’re still very thankful to have this opportunity.  The game is shaping up great!  Let us know if theres anything you want to see, even if its like ‘more of x dlc character combos at the end’ or whatever

    1. Yoshimattsu

       @LevelUpYourGame Actually, those DLC character combos we’re amazing! And I would love to see more! Alex in particular!! 

    2. freechaolan

       @LevelUpYourGame Can you change the HUD (lifebar placement)? If you cant do that, can you say if we can change  it in game or not? not having arcade size lifebars kinda bothered me in T6 console

  4. Dan Greenhand


  5. Onegai James

    I think a good topic to cover is frame data. Specifically, what is frame data, what does it mean when you’re at frame advantage/disadvantage, how it affects the flow of a match, and how do you use this knowledge to create frame traps and properly punish your opponent’s unsafe moves.

    1. Will definitely try to do something like this. We’re really time constricted though so its going to be difficult to fit all of that in there.

  6. ToucheBartendingSmith

    Thanks for this video. Im getting a friend ready for Tekken as we speak and he has came along way. He understands the basics and his Dragonov is lethal. We both will be tuning in each week for the vids. Thanks guys

  7. notdijon

    You picked some good concepts to showcase for only a 20 min long vid. Great job, and congrats on the Namco partnership!

  8. CeeMoose

    I hope you guys go into advanced movements later on. I see players jiggle around a lot in Tekken and I want to know what that’s about.

    1.  @CeeMoose Episode 2

      1. Targie

         @LevelUpYourGame Heh jiggling around a lot. Maybe that is why Bob was so prominent in Evo 2k11 top 8. He jiggles more than everybody else combined!
        Good work on the video guys. The UK tour recently has made me hate life because it was so long before the release date, can’t come around soon enough.
        Are you planning on explaining the wall slump thing? Was struggling to work out the details myself in limited time.
        Also are their plans to release a new app for TTT2? If so can we get an empty notes section for each character? I’ll buy two copies if so!
        Keep up the good work!

  9. korly

    Ancient Ogre is looking SO SICK!  I can’t wait to see more about the specific TTT2 systems involving tagging, tag, throws, safe tags, etc.

  10. yango

    Please turn of the background music.

    1.  @yango We’ll be lowering the volume of the background music in the next episodes for sure

  11. SaaroOerba

    I was WAITING for a vid like this.

  12. JonatanThoren

    Hi guys. love your videos as always. Your video editing guy is fucking awesome. I just started to put up some videos on youtube myself and was wondering if you can share some pro tips on how to make the video quality so damn good. I have been sitting and reading/watching guides and tutorials now for about 4 days straight, and I’m still not happy with the quality I get ones its uploaded to youtube. I’m using sony vegas pro 10 atm. but I’m willing to start fresh with another program if it will give me better quality. Please share your godly wisdom. //Crimson

    1. Rip

      Cameras are 1080p, capture is at 720p – 60fps – 18mbps bitrate. Use Adobe Premiere to edit together a 720p project, but I encode the video to 1080p since Youtube gives 1080p more bitrate. So basically a true 720p video ‘upscaled’ to 1080p during encoding will look better on Youtube than a 720p->720p upload.

  13. I love the Tekken games… i even had the first one on my playstation one… can’t wait to plays this one myself :)) thnx for the post and keep up the good work!

  14. DevinWhittemore

    Hey great vid, i would recommend speaking up or getting individual mics, i found it very hard to hear you guys speak. Thanks for the helpful vid though!

    1. DevinWhittemore

      Especially Myk 😛

      1. reepal

        @DevinWhittemore Yeah, we had a lot of audio issues when doing this series because we were always in different rooms.  Morning B&B’s also having audio issues now, but we’re working on them