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Tekken Tunes – How To Set Your Own Music To Any Stage

Harada just tweeted an image that shows the flowchart for how to use Tekken Tunes to load up any of your music into Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Basically, you load the music into your XMB/Dashboard, then in the game go to Tekken Tunes, select the stage which background music you want to change, then select the song from your XMB. Easy so easy. Check out the full image after the jump





15 responses to “Tekken Tunes – How To Set Your Own Music To Any Stage”

  1. Amun Walker

    TTT1 and Tekken 3 soundtrack FTW

  2. LevelUpYourGame

    Damn, thats a really good idea I hadn’t thought of. Loading up old Tekken soundtracks into TTT2 O_O

  3. Sicoby

     EPIC O.o

  4. Adrian Jimenez

    Dude that is too sick.

  5. Adrian Jimenez

    Dude that is too sick.

  6. Adrian Jimenez

    Dude that is too sick.

  7. Amun Walker

    That was my first thought when I heard this great news.. I just need Capcom to follow suit

  8. Mediafag

    Can’t wait to use this:

  9. Damn Manly Autocrat

    Bout to spread all of Max Anarchy’s OST in this. SHIT

  10. Bryan Corley

    It’s a throwback to the custom soundtracks from the Xbox 1. Great idea.

  11. Joseph Opoku

    That is sick !

  12. Bill Storie

    This might be the most exciting feature of the game. Never really cared much for the music in the series.

  13. loc

    nice feature.. better should be a STAGE EDITOR!!!!! — like the tony hawks series 🙂

  14. DiaborMagics

    Yes it’s awesome; I’ve used it  already. The shitty thing is, you can’t copy from the USB to the xbox harddrive, so you either need to create a CD with just the songs you want and rip it, or you need to rip full CD’s…… you can insert a USB an play from that thing, but you’ll need to keep it inserted and thus I haven’t tried that. I need my USB too frequently. By the way, I’m talking about the xbox, not the ps

  15. MichalSindelar

    Thanks for this!!!