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Harada Walk-Thru of New Features in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In this 30 minute presentation from Gamescom, Harada goes over a lot of the new features in this ‘near-retail’ build of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He talks about hud/lifebar placement, WTF, Tekken Tunes and more. LOTS of info in the World Tekken Federation section, including unknown spoilers. The statistics tracking is going to be REALLY interesting for everyone, but even moreso for anyone competing in the game.





3 responses to “Harada Walk-Thru of New Features in Tekken Tag Tournament 2”

  1. korly

    Sure sounds like the WTF is going to cost money.  I think it’ll be worth it though, as long as it’s less than 40 dollars a year.  The Halo stuff is free, but both COD and Battlefield charge for theirs so…

    1.  @korly Yea, Markman said somewhere that it would be free, but the Namco rep here definitely said ‘premium’ / ‘cost’ / ‘subscription’

      1. bmack813

         @LevelUpYourGame  @korly Umm, Harada himself has already stated it was free, he was probably not too sure, the rep, but i’m pretty sure its gonna be free.