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Lion-O Interviews Harada and Michael Murray – Round 2

Lion-O and his drunk camera man scored a quick interview with Harada and Michael Murray. As usual, its not your typical interview about Tekken and worth a watch. Harada is too good.





6 responses to “Lion-O Interviews Harada and Michael Murray – Round 2”

  1. Ozzy Lion-o


  2. anyadat123123

    Leacing aside my personal preference isn’t females? wtf? Is he gay?

  3. anyadat123123

    Leaving aside that my personal preference isn’t females… wtf… ?!  I still gonna get ttt2 on matter what but srsly…

  4. LOL – that joke about ‘personal preference not being females’ did not come across as a joke – and man, livefyre is getting annoying, I see random comments disappearing.. might have to switch to disqus

  5. tekkenvengeance

    put maria ozawa in tekken

  6. iPUNCHu

    LOL! i love how the music stopped playing when Harada said his name.