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Level Up Your Game – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Angel – Walk Thru

Continuing on in our series partnered with Namco Bandai, the Level Up Your Game guys give an overview of Angel in Tekken Tag Tournament 2! We’ll be covering all of the Gamestop DLC characters leading up to release so be sure to get your pre-orders in or be left behind! If you’re not in the USA, be sure to check out tekken.com/preorder to see which retailers offer what incentives in your area of the world. If you missed the Ancient Ogre walk thru click here!





8 responses to “Level Up Your Game – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Angel – Walk Thru”

  1. Johannes Paolo Soriano

    2 videos in one day? awesome!

  2. Lucas Liaskos

    Damn boy!

  3. ElmerStud

    @reepal @LevelUpYourGame YESSS

  4. Dennis de Kok

    great job

  5. Aly Hesham

    guys I was hoping you could tell us about ogre’s punishers or is that info not available yet ?

  6. TeGe

    Rip in a previous build Angels tp was safe, please tell me this was changed?

    1. Its not safe, but its not launch punishable

  7. Xen Gaerlan

    angel is one of my favorite characters even though i haven’t played the game yet. She is the reason i pre-ordered the game