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Daily Tutorial Stream for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Starts Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow MYK and I will be doing daily streams for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In the past, we’ve been criticized for doing tutorials for a limited number of the cast of characters. This is simply because the way we cover characters in depth requires a LOT of time and organization. Of course, that method is preferred since we can take the time needed to cover everything in as much depth as needed. For example, our Lei episode for Tekken 6 clocked in at almost 2 hours. Lei has a ton of stances, and stances themselves took over 40 minutes to cover with minimal depth.

In depth tutorials like these, while being extremely beneficial to anyone who uses one of the characters we get to cover, is obviously impractical. Instead, what I’d like to do is shorter tutorials that give just the essentials of a character so that someone can pick them up and get an idea of what they should be using/looking out for. If everything works as planned, then the hope is that we will get to at least have some coverage of every single character in the game.

Another issue with doing the in-depth tutorials has been scheduling time with everyone’s availability. While this gives us a lot more of a polished presentation, it also requires a lot more time/organizational dedication which is more difficult than you may imagine. And finally, the largest chunk of work from putting together the tutorials is always the editing time. So the one solution to all of these issues… stream shorter tutorials.

So starting tomorrow, we will be doing a weekday-ly stream at 10am PST (O_O) – Yes, thats early, but we will be putting the archives up on youtube as well. If anyone is awake in the morning, swing by and any questions you have about the character will be answered! At work/school/sleeping? Catch it on youtube later that same day. We’re going to play it by ear and see how it goes so the showtime may change in the future. We plan on starting off fairly slow so we can work out all the kinks, but from our limited testing things should go smoothly. Definitely looking forward to pumping out this content so anyone looking to learn Tekken will have a place to start. I personally also plan to stream a lot of online gameplay as well, but thats going to be a little less ‘scheduled’ – So be sure to follow us at twitch.tv/levelupyourgame! See you guys on the internets!





6 responses to “Daily Tutorial Stream for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Starts Tomorrow”

  1. Jeffrey Philip Tan

    TTT2 released here today!Will get my copy in a few hours! cant wait!!

  2. FishStix

    @reepal DM

  3. Targie

    Hmm you guys better be practicing your OKIZEME because you’re going to have to WAKE UP pretty early to get this stream started.
    My puns are still the best, suck it James Chen.

  4. Felipe Landim

    *like MYK* : oooh!

  5. Lol at the pun…  Btw I’m loving the new idea… but I live in Asia…. So I’m glad you’re going to upload the archives to youtube, because I don’t have to stay awake from midnight until around dawn.Btw what’s the planned duration for each stream? 1 hour, 2 hours?

  6. Ahmed Malik Ejaz

    Lucky yanks we have to wait till Friday here, but it’s definitely gonna be worth the wait