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Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Jun Kazama Walk Thru

Level Up Your Game’s overview tutorial of Jun Kazama in TTT2. Stream is daily minus Thursday at noon PST. Tune in at twitch.tv/levelupyourgame





7 responses to “Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Jun Kazama Walk Thru”

  1. Edward Sebastian Jr

    Welll done my friends! Good stuff!

  2. Felipe Landim


  3. Jeez

    Great video, will you do one about Lars?

    1. abner

      they’ll probably do the new/returning characters for TTT2 first before moving on to the past series characters depending on popularity maybe?

      1. updog

         I think they said they are doing the returning characters, then the regular characters, and then lastly, the DLC characters.

  4. Redditor

    Great video, just to let you know that we redditors are watching these videos religiously.

    1. Thats great to hear! Will definitely be putting out more